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World Animal Day, a premiere in Romania
For the first time in the history of Romania, on St. Francis Day, are ligious ceremony dedicated to all animals was held at the Libearty sanctuary. Here was founded a chapel dedicated to the saints who protect animals and it was called St. Seraphim of Sarov’s Chapel. Families from several counties accompanied by their dogs came to the service and patiently listened the special prayers.

”Animals need our protection because God placed the man on earth as master of Creation, but unfortunately everyone can see how careless the man is with the Creation. Several species disappear and animals are often killed or hurt. We understand the level of a society by how it treats the most vulnerable – and same as elderly people and children, animals are also vulnerable ”, said Nicolae Moșoiu the priest. About 50 animal lovers with their dogs listened to the Father’s message and received blessings.
The Millions of Friends Association would like to makethis event, a tradition.

AMP was founded in 1997 by Cristina and Roger Lapis, the then French Honorary Consul to Romania.There were so many stray dogs in the streets of Brasov, many of them ill and hungry, injured bycars. Cristina wanted to help them and began building a shelter … that was the beginning of the DogShelter Triaj.

In 1998 AMP began investigating tourists’ complaints about bears kept in horrible conditions in cages outside restaurants and petrol stations all over Romania. This eventually led to a collaboration in 2005with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) to construct the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti.

Today, AMP runs the Dog Shelter Triaj and Libearty Bear Sanctuary. In addition, the Association alsoworks to protect all animals in Romania through local projects, campaigns and education programmes.Please explore our website, meet our animal friends, and come and visit us in Brasov!

Please help all the Bears to be happy!  Adopt a Bear or make a donation in order to support the future rescuing missions of other captive bears around Romania. Support our Association in helping the 72 Bears living at the “Libearty” Sanctuary and the over 400 dogs from the Dog Shelter in Triaj , by offering them the best living conditions and a better future.
Thank you for your support!