Inregistrat in Registrul Asociatiilor si Fundatiilor: 3329/A/1997 Operator autorizat de date personale - ANSPDC 25041


“2%” of your attention for animals!

Until May 15, the Romanian State enables you to redirect 2% of your annual tax to a nonprofit organization. It's the easiest thing you can do for animals. They only ask you 2%!

Under the Tax Code, taxpayers can redirect 2% of the tax to an NGO such as the Millions of Friends Association. It's not much, but any additional amount of money can offer life to an animal. You don’t know if you are a tax payer? Any individual or legal person who is required legally to pay taxes, is called a tax payer. Do you have friends and/or colleagues? Tell them also about how you want to help animals!

What you have to do?

Download the “230 Form”, already filled in with the details of our association from our website by accessing the following link All you have to do is to print it and fill it in. Then, you must take it personally or send it by mail to the tax office you belong to. ATTENTION! The DEADLINE for submitting these forms is 15 MAY 2015.

Why AMP and not another organization ?

„Millions of Friends” is the first animal protection association in Romania. Pioneers of activism for animal welfare, AMP has rescued over time 20.000 animals: cats, dogs, horses, wolves, bears and all kind of domestic or wild animals in need of help. The Association has set up and now operates a dog shelter in Triaj, and also helps in the management of the Public shelter in Stupini. However AMP is also known for the largest bear sanctuary in Europe, established in 2006 in Zărneşti. Here 80 bears have found acommodation after being rescued from bad conditions. They all consume more than a ton of food per day. Rescuing stray dogs, developing free sterilization campaigns, AMP has made it’s first steps to reduce the number of the street dogs. Rescuing the captive bears near restaurants, from circuses or zoos, we have showed that Romania can be a civilized country where the laws are respected.

A little support, a big thing for a puppy

Puppies are vulnerable. Separated from their mothers, thrown away in dumpsters, they have little chance of survivalif they’re not rescued on time. Since last fall, AMP rescuershave taken in about 200 puppies in the two dogshelters in Triaj and Stupini. If we hadn’t acted, the puppies would have died of cold and hunger!

They weigh onlyabout 500 grams, so the easiest thing to do is to pick them up in your palms and cuddle them. Caring for them is as demanding as caring for infants. At the shelter, the puppies are kept in heated nurseries, away from frost and snow. Their immunity is low, and they need to be fed by bottle every four hoursuntil they’re vaccinated. Later, they receive boiled rice combined with vegetables, and eventually their nutritionis supplemented with canned food. Only after they’ve gotten all their vaccinations are the puppies ready for adoption. This happens when they’re four months old.

From rescue to adoption,the care of a single puppy costsmore than 100 euros (including milkformula, rice, canned food, vaccines and medicines, and heating). To save lives, we need your support. A can of dog food, a bag of powdered milk, a vaccine vial, or even 10 lei (3 euros) - a little support is enough to help save and care for a puppy!


Animals deserve 20% of your attention!

  • Now you can help animals, without spending anything! November is the best time for companies to direct up to 20% of their income tax to nonprofits that make a difference. Calculate your profit for the fiscal year 2014 and ask your accountant to direct Electronic Statement 101 to the Millions of Friends Association.

The Romanian governmental lows businesses to support NGO swithout having to spend extra money. Under the updated Tax Code 571/2003, Title 2, Ch. II, Article 21 (4), point p),“taxpayers who make sponsorships, according to Law no. 32/1994 regarding the sponsorship, can subtract from their payable income tax the relatedamounts, if the total of these expenses meet the following conditions: - It is within the limit of3 ‰ the turnover; - It does not exceed more than 20% of the payable tax.”

Why should you help animals?
There are many advantages to redirecting 20%: you don’t spend anything extra, it’sa simple procedure, and it doesn’t take any of your time. We’ll send you the completed sponsorship form, and all you have to do is to hand it over to your accountant. He’ll know what to do with it!
You’ll also benefit from your connection with the Millions of Friends Association, showing the world that your company is socially responsible. We’ll promote you on (over 4.000 unique visitors/month) and at the Libearty sanctuary in Zarnesti (over 10.000 visitors/year).
If you don’t direct up to 20% of your profit tonon profits that make a difference, the money will go directly to the government, and you won’t be able to track it. But if you direct the money to AMP, you’ll know that your money will really change the world - for the animals.

Why Millions of Friends?

  • We’rethe oldest nonprofit in Romania. We’ve been rescuing animals since 1997!
  • In the past 17 years, the association has saved over 20,000 souls in distress.
  • This year alone, we’verescued over 300 dogs, 30 cats, four bears, plus bats, storks, hedgehogs, and other animals.
  • We have 700 dogs in our care at thepublic shelter in Stupini (co-administered by AMP) and the Victory dog shelter in Triaj, and 80 bears at the Libearty bear sanctuary in Zărnești.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. We’re counting on your support!

AMP was founded in 1997 by Cristina and Roger Lapis, the then French Honorary Consul to Romania.There were so many stray dogs in the streets of Brasov, many of them ill and hungry, injured bycars. Cristina wanted to help them and began building a shelter … that was the beginning of the DogShelter Triaj.

In 1998 AMP began investigating tourists’ complaints about bears kept in horrible conditions in cages outside restaurants and petrol stations all over Romania. This eventually led to a collaboration in 2005with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) to construct the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti.

Today, AMP runs the Dog Shelter Triaj and Libearty Bear Sanctuary. In addition, the Association alsoworks to protect all animals in Romania through local projects, campaigns and education programmes.Please explore our website, meet our animal friends, and come and visit us in Brasov!

Please help all the Bears to be happy!  Adopt a Bear or make a donation in order to support the future rescuing missions of other captive bears around Romania. Support our Association in helping the 72 Bears living at the “Libearty” Sanctuary and the over 400 dogs from the Dog Shelter in Triaj , by offering them the best living conditions and a better future.
Thank you for your support!