Adopt a bear

The costs for the bears and for the sanctuary are about 40.000 euros/month.

The minimum amount is 5 euros/month (60 euros/year), but you can donate more! You can chose an exclusive adoption, for 500 euros/month*.  

Remember - Send an e-mail to, with the name of the adopted bear, the name of the person who donates and the date of the money transfer.

When you complete the donation for one year, we will send you a framed adoption certificate. You can place it on your desk at the office, like you do with the rest of the pictures of your family. A bear can be a member of your family, too!

Did you know that:

  • the bears can live for over 40 years in our sanctuary?
  • the sanctuary needs over two tons of food per day, for more than 80 bears that are currently here?
  • your adoption helps us to feed the bears, provide veterinary treatment, care for the forest, maintain facilities such as the bears’ swimming pools and rescue the remaining captive bears?

*Exclusive adoption: the bear you chose to take care of can not be adopted by another person.

  • ALA


    Ala was Benny’s sister and they were both 27 years old when they arrived to the Sanctuary

  • ANDY


    By the end of June 2014, Andy was a bear without a name. He’s the only bear that the Libearty team rescued not from the captivity, but from the wild



    Attila spent the first years of his life at a circus in Bârlad, where he met Fiona. He didn’t know at that moment that they will be friends forever



    Baloo is the oldest of the 5 captive bears who used to live near a Restaurant in Bancu, Harghita county. The first 3 years of his life were the hardest



    Barry and Belle came to the Sanctuary as a couple from a zoo in Târgoviște and they still live as a couple today



    Betsy is the first bear from the “Libearty" sanctuary, brought from overseas, Texas. She was a circus artist, and the difficult years of torment that she spent in the arena



    Six square meters is for a bear, what about one square meter is for a man. You can barely move, before hitting the bars with your nose.



    Boris was one of the last bears from the enclosed zoo in Onesti, a small town from Romania. His long and powerful claws disappeared while walking on the hard concrete floor of the cell

  • Chery


    Chery is a female ex circus-bear. She was owned by a Circus from Oradea but as she was too small (hardly 1 year old) to perform and too stubborn to be trained for the circus shows