About us

Millions of Friends Association (AMP) was established in 1997 by Cristina Lapis, a former journalist from Brasov who has dedicated her life to the animals. Supported by her husband, Roger Lapis, Consul of France in Romania, they created one of the first animal welfare NGOs of our country. Together they formed a strong team and were busy rescuing many animals.

At that time there were so many stray dogs on the streets of Brasov, many of them sick, hungry and injured by cars that the situation seemed out of control. Cristina wanted to help these dogs and so she built a dog shelter.... This was the beginning of the Triage Shelter - today called the Victory dog shelter.

Today, AMP manages the "Libearty" Bear Sanctuary in Zarnesti and the Victory Dog Shelter in Brasov. Moreover, this association protects all animals in Romania through local projects, educational programs and campaigns.

YOU can contribute to the rescue and care of the animals. Take a virtual adoption of a rescued bear or make a donation to support future missions to rescue the remaining captive bears in Romania and beyond.

Support AMP to help care for the 80 bears already saved and living at our Libearty Sanctuary in Zarnesti and more than 700 dogs in the care of AMP. Over 500 animals in our Victory Shelter and other nearly 200 dogs in the Public shelter, which is co-managed by AMP.