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Charles was imprisoned for almost 40 years old in a rusty cages of the Ethnographic Museum in Vrancea department. He did not have an official name, but volunteers from the Center for “Wildlife Rescue and Care” gave him several names: the "old", "uncle" or” Prince Charles”. He, together with two bears named Winnie and Mona were the only animals remaining in the oldest zoo in Petreşti (Crângaşi) when that closed. Mona died in the winter of 2011, so ending her suffering caused by very cold weather, snow and diseases. For Charles, that winter would have been the last, if he had remained there. It He was in a terrible state: he had big problems with his lungs, a possible heart disease, arthritis, and vision problems. The day he was released in the Libearty sanctuary, Charles was reborn. He checked his new home from one corner to the other and probably his paws touched the grass and earth for the first time in his life. The main attraction was the pool. He had not seen his face in the water until then. He had a large swimming pool with fresh water for himself. Without any hesitation, Prince Charles sank into the water and tasted freedom.

On November 10, 2014, Prince Charles died of natural causes at the age of about 43 years, double the age of life expectancy in the wild.

Read news about the death of Charles here

Together with Maya in the Great Bear constellation

  • Ala


    Ala was Benny’s sister and they were both 27 years old when they arrived to the Sanctuary

  • Benny


    Benny came to the sanctuary with his sister Alla. Both were 27 years old when they arrived at the sanctuary. All these years they had to live with the miserable conditions at the same zoo where they lived

  • Cristi


    In 2005, Cristi and Lidia were the first inhabitants of the Libearty sanctuary Cristi was born in 1981 and was caught from the wild as a cub.

  • Eva


    After 32 years in prison, Eva stepped on the sanctuary grass and enjoyed the pool water, two things that the old female had completely during her life at the Braila Zoo. There she lived with her son

  • Kodiak


    Kodiak lived a life of misery at Onesti Zoo, which was closed by the authorities because of very bad conditions offered to the animals

  • Marinica


    Marinică was found as a small cub in the forest. His mother was probably killed and he was easily taken away, as nobody was there to protect him.

  • Marița


    Mariţa was the oldest ex-resident of a Zoo in Roman, where she lived together with three other bears (Suzi, Bobiță and Ursi)

  • Max


    Max was born in 1997. Being only few months old, he was held captive in the town of Sinaia, near the famous Peleş Castle. There, the tourists passing by would pay for a photograph next to the bear

  • Maya


    In the courtyard of a hotel near Bran Castle, in a dirty cage with metal bars and cement floor, living Maya. Whole days waiting and hoping that someone would bring her something to eat

  • Nadia


    Nadia and Igor were brother and sister and they came from a Zoo in Tecuci (Galati County). Next to the cage of the two lived Cocolina.

  • Ursula


    Ursula was a unique bear. All of the bears at the Libearty sanctuary are European brown bears but Ursula an Asiatic black bear. In fact she was the oldest of the former prisoners of Buhuşi Zoo