Gina & Sofia

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Gina and Sofia are sisters and they were born early 2006. Their mother had been probably shot in the wild and they were used for tourist attraction by a mini zoo at Bancu, near a restaurant in Miercurea Ciuc. Their torment ended soon in October 2006, when they were rescued and brought to Libearty. They were given their names (after Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren) by the famous French actor Pierre Brice, who visited the Zarnesti bear sanctuary in November 2006.

They spend most of their time climbing the trees and often both bears would sit on the branches of the same tree and look over the other bears. Gina has a harelip, which she was born with, but it doesn't affect her in any way, especially not her large appetite.

Adopt Gina and Sofia with a minimum donation of 5 euros/month (60 euros/year)  for each of them! You can donate more or you may chose to become an exclusive adopter, for 500 euros/month.  

Send a message to, with the name of the adopted bear, the name of the donor and the date of the money transfer.

We will send you an adoption certificate!