• 20% of your attention!

    The Romanian State support enables the economic environment to support NGOs, without businesses to spend more. According to the Tax Code 571/2003, updated, Title 2, Chapter II, article 21

  • 2 percent for animals

    Ştiai că poţi ajuta animalele cu un gest mic, dar care înseamnă mult pentru ele? Prin redirecţionarea impozitului anual de 2% către o organizaţie non guvernamentală, aşa cum este şi Asociaţia Milioane

  • Freedom for BALOO

    Let's save Baloo! The bear is used as a tourist attraction in the resort Straja in Hunedoara County. The poor bear has been there since 2000, when he was found injured on the mountain and taken by Emil Părău

  • Bear Farm

    Do we want bears in jail? Or do we want them to live free? Where is the right place for these "monuments of nature" to live?