2 percent for animals

2 percent for animals

Did you know that you can help animals with a small gesture but it means a lot to them? By redirecting 2% of your annual tax to a non-governmental organization (NGO), such as the Association Millions of Friends, it can help, save and care for abandoned animals and wildlife. And they, like humans, are able to feel emotions. They can feel happiness and sadness and they can, cry or suffer as we can. And they have a soul which can be full of happiness or pain.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a dog injured by a car crash or strong heavy boots of one who was bothered by his barking? You could see how much need there is to help and a hand to comfort the drooping ears? You can to help all these and more. And this can be achieved without taking any money out of your pocket.

What steps do you need to follow?

There are few and simple steps. The State enables you to redirect 2% of your income tax to an NGO, the time for you to do that is before the May 25th each year. According to the Tax Code, every taxpayer, every person or entity that is required by law to pay tax, can redirect 2% of their income tax to a non-profit organization.

Want to help even more? Nothing could be easier! Tell your friends and co-workers about how they can help animals can help! The more money that can be redirected to Association Millions of Friends means more lives saved!

Download from this site Form 230, complete with data about the association. Print it, fill it and then submit it to the tax office staff you belong to or send it by post.

Do you run a company?

Inform your employees about giving 2% of their annual tax for AMP

If you know a company or a corporate administrator speak to them about our struggle and show them about the 2% of the tax form. It is choosing to redirect money where everyone thinks he deserves! To us, to help more animals, or somewhere else…

Download the form