20% of your attention!

20% of your attention!

The Romanian State support enables the economic environment to support NGOs, without businesses to spend more. According to the Tax Code 571/2003, updated, Title 2, Chapter II, article 21, paragraph 4, letter. p "taxpayers who make sponsorships, according to Law 32/1994 regarding sponsorship, deducted from income tax related amounts due ". Just two simple conditions must be met: sponsorship is within three per thousand of turnover and does not exceed more than 20% of the tax due.

You can do this in November, the best time of the year when you can target the 20% of tax for AMP. Calculate the profit for the current fiscal year and ask your accountant to direct electronic Declaration 101 the 20% of tax to the Association "Millions of Friends".

There are no extra charges. You can help the animals! No need to run from side to side with forms or sit in queues. We can send you the completed sponsorship form, and you just need to talk with your accountant. He does the rest!

If you do not choose the destination of the 20% of profit, the money will go directly to the State without you knowing where it has gone or what exactly it will be used for.

Your rescue and care action of the wild animals will be visible on our site! At our address www.ampbears.ro, which has thousands of unique visitors per month, the world will find that your company is doing something positive for the needs of animals! The satisfaction of helping a new mentality to change the world cannot be measured!

If you do not chose the destination of the 20% from your profit, the money will go directly to the state, without you having to know where they came and how they will be used. So why not make your money do something positive for animals instead.

Thank you for your support and we count on you!