Bear Farm

Bear FARM in Romania!|

Do we want bears in jail? Or do we want them to live free? Where is the right place for these "monuments of nature" to live?

A whole family of bears (two adults and at least 5 cubs) is held captive in unimaginable conditions.

In a tiered cage about 40 square meters, a man in Arad, Petru Cilan, has his own bear “farm".
The man says proudly to everyone that he provides exceptional conditions for the bears and he loves all of them very much.

A selfish love, we say (if it's love), because if he would have such feelings he would want only the best for the bears. And a good life for a wild animal means liberty, trees, to feel the grass underfoot and to be able to walk quietly on dozens of hectares of forest.
Help us to stop him from keeping bears in concrete cages, surrounded by rusty irons bars, where he seems to be breeding them and offering the bear cubs for sale.
Their place is among trees, not between bars!

It is forbidden by the law no. 13 of 03.11.1993, which was ratified by the Berne Convention in 09.19.1979: “any deliberate taking of possession, deliberate killing or trading of these animals, alive or dead ... the wild fauna species listed in Annex. II ", the bear is one of them, otherwise considered a "monument of nature".

Help us to help them! Make written complaints to the authorities and make their story known on all social networks! Let us join the cause and save their souls!

See below the conditions they live in: among iron bars and sun-heated concrete in summer and icy cold in winter.


In 1992, the man in Arad bought two bears - female and male - from a zoo. "I saved them from starving," he says proudly. But now he is also breeding the bears and selling the young cubs. This is 100% illegal. In his infinite love he closed the bears in a rusty hut of 40 square meters in his household in the village of Fantanele (10 kilometers from Arad in west Romania).

He was selling them on Internet
His motive for holding the bears might, at first seem selfless.
But in 2009, however, the first doubts emerged over these good intentions. An advert in an Arad newspaper attracted worldwide attention. The advert said: "For sale: Carpathian bear cubs, 3 months old, male, fourth-generation of captive bred and cared for in home, in exceptional circumstances. They are very friendly and playful, everything depends on caregivers and the ones who feed them.[vw1] . "There are people who replied to this advert who claim that the wife of the illegal bear owner answered the phone.

The first owner of bears prosecuted
For years, since learning of these tortured bears, AMP has been trying to close the farm and take the animals to the Libearty bear sanctuary. After dozens of complaints from local and national authorities, our last hope was the court.
Arad Court approved the 2014 criminal prosecution against the man - a first in Romanian justice: the first Romanian citizen prosecuted for illegal possession of bears.

In 2015, after a year of waiting, prosecutors stopped the prosecution because of changes in the Criminal Code. Now, illegal possession of wild animals is no longer a crime.

ANSVSA Order 31/2008 approving the Methodological Norms for the application of Law no. 205/2004 on the protection of animals, CAP. IV, Art. 12, pt. 3, says "If the wild animal cannot be send back to the wild, it will be entrusted to specialized reserves, in collaboration with animal welfare organizations."

This did not happen for the bears kept caged in Fantanele, and our hopes that we will ever be able to provide a better life for these bears kept in concrete and rusty iron bars, is decreasing from day to day. They were sentenced to prison without having any guilt!

Help us to save them! They deserve a better life