Freedom for BALOO

Let's save Baloo! The bear is used as a tourist attraction in the resort Straja in Hunedoara County. The poor bear has been there since 2000, when he was found injured on the mountain and taken by Emil Părău, a local businessman. Since then he can only dream of the cool forest and birdsongs.

He must be saved, and it needs the help of all of us to ensure that such barbarity does not happen again! Let us act together to prevent the suffering of animals. Their lives in cages is not a solution!

The place of wild animals is in freedom, not in prison!

What can we do? Write to the authorities! As many complaints to the Ministries, the authorities and anyone who can take a stand and make a difference. Only together we can we offer a new life to Baloo!  



A ski resort in Romania keeps a bear prisoner as a living mascot, and the many years spent by the bear in the cage are celebrated with pomp and celebration throughout the village. Another year, another celebration cake - so Baloo is said to "enjoy" the cage for so many years in the resort Straja - Hunedoara. Emil Părău, Baloo's owner, is proud - as a good mother because he saved the life of a bear. Sadly, the bear has paid dearly with his lack of freedom, which is the most precious gift Mother Nature endows a wild animal.

We have fought for him since 2007

In 2000 Baloo was found injured on the mountain and taken to a clinic in Straja by mountain rescuers. After his recovery, Baloo  came under the care of businessman Emil Părău who turned the bear into the Straja resort's mascot and he does not want in any way to give up  his bear, even though it is evident that it Baloo would have a better life among the old oak trees in the Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary.

Two other bears, Puppy and Pamy had also been kept in the cage with Baloo but they had been rescued and released in the sanctuary in Zarnesti a few years ago. They grew large and handsome, while Baloo remained to serve his prison sentence. AMP did not forget Baloo and have tried for years to gain his freedom, but the owner has so far defied all legal actions to move Baloo to the Libearty Sanctuary.

Although Baloo is very overweight, at 350 kilograms, he remains trapped because his owner has tried to claim he has a legal zoo. Five years ago, because of protests by animal protection NGOs, the Veterinary Sanitary Department have fined the bear’s owner but the bear is still in his cage – now we need to release Baloo from his cruel captivity and give him his freedom in the forests of the Libearty sanctuary.