More than 100 children visited Libearty, on the World Wildlife Day

On the World Wildlife Day, Libearty was open for all the children. Over 100 pre-school and school children visited the sanctuary and were curious to know how important the animals are for humankind.

The Millions of Friends Association’s staff told the children the stories of the bears in the sanctuary and explained how important is for the animals to live in their natural environment, not in cages.  The children were also surprised to have a stamp with their favourite animals on their hands and a wooden bear they may colour at home.

The pupils in the schools where AMP is teaching a course about animal’s welfare had the chance to watch documentaries about the animals of the world and their importance in the life of people around the world.

Do one thing today to help protect the world’s wildlife! Listen to the young voices!

With your help, our educational activities will be continued!