Sponsor a dog

WHAT DOES adoption at distance means?
Your small donation can help a lot. You don’t have to be rich to become the parent of a dog. You don’t even need a space where to keep him. Now you can adopt at distance and thus help ensure the everyday living for your chosen dog. The dog you adopted will remain in the shelter, but with your help he will have a better life.

HOW TO BECOME an adoptive parent at distance?
In order to become an adoptive parent for one of our dogs from the AMP shelter, DONATE at least 5 euros each month. The donation will be used for food and care for your adopted dog, and you will receive photos and information about the adopted dog. Insure that your dog gets suport for an entire year (60 euros), so you can receive a gift from AMP, in your e-mail, as a sign of our appreciation.
You can also help to place the puppy for a final adoption, by finding a home through your acquaintances, by the coverage of the dog on internet or by any means of communication online.

HOW TO MAKE an adoption at distance?
Send an e-mail to milioanedeprieteni@gmail.com. Let us know the name of the dog you have chosen, your name and the monthly amount you want to donate.

HOW ELSE can you help?
You can materially or financially contribute to the improvement of accommodation conditions of the puppy. In the AMP shelter there are about 600 souls living. All of them have arrived to us with serious injuries or illnesses requiring prolonged treatment. We take care of these dogs and we try to work on their recovery in the hope that we can find them loving families. In order to maintain them, we need materials for repairing cages or pens, bowls for food and water, straw for the winter, cartons, food and anything else you think might help us to offer them a better life. All dogs in our shelter are vaccinated, spayed / neutered, microchipped and have health cards.

  • Amos


    Amos is Lulu’s neighbor. They get along well because they are about the same age – four years old – and they came in the same period from the Public Animal Shelter in Stupini.

  • Johnny


    Although it hard to believe, Johnny was abandoned by his owner after more than five years spent protecting his home. He’s been living in the shelter for three years now

  • Lulu


    She is a four years old dog who was brought to us from the Public Animal Shelter in Stupini.

  • Lupa


    Today we introduce you to Lupa, a six year old female dog who has been through terrible times! She had several genital tumors that were operated, but she also needed chemo to get over the hardest time of the disease.

  • Max


    Max is our other veteran, besides Pongo, and we have been taking care of him for 6 years. The horrible trauma he has suffered in the Public Shelter, when there dogs were still killed in cold blood, made him a very shy dog

  • Moșu


    Moșu’ (The Old Man) is 10 years old and he came to the gate of the Victoy dog shelter came to search for help at the gates of the Victory Dog shelter.

  • Mowgli


    Mowgli is a real beauty, is two years old and he has been living for a few months in the Victory dog shelter that belongs to the Millions of Friends Association.

  • Rolf


    He lived together with Johnny and they grew up together. Today, they are still inclosure neighbors. Rolf is a white boy, aged 7 and you can hardly become a friend of him.

  • Tim


    Tim is a one year old dog who, although is very cheery and playful, has a serious autoimmune disease.