Neuter your pet

AMP offers a FREE neutering and microchipping services for the cats and dogs owned by people who live in Brasov.

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Spaying females:                                                                      Neutering males:
- Prevents unwanted pregnancies;                              - Prevents testicular cancer
- Prevents the accumulation of pus in the uterus;   - Reduces the prostate problems and perianal tumours
- Reduces occurrences of breast cancer.                    - Keeps dogs from running away for females in heat, so they                                                                                                                  are better guards.

cautare-microcip microcipare

Veterinarians recommend that no food be given to the animal with 12 – 15 hours before surgery. It can drink just water.

How long does it take?
Neuter surgery takes only a few minutes. On the average, a male can be neutered in only five minutes, and a female can be spayed in about 15 minutes. The recovery isn’t hard, either. After only a few hours, the dog will be able to move as easy as before surgery.

The biggest myth about spaying and neutering

It’s commonly thought that females must have a series of puppies before they’re sterilized. This myth has been crushed by researchers in the past 10 years. “ Spaying is done before the first heat cycle in females, and neutering is done before the male begins to sexually manifest himself, that is around the age of 6 months. By this age, animals are mature and developed enough. If a female is spayed by this age, the risk of her developing tumors is reduced by 100%. Instead, if she has puppies, even once, the risks increases more than 30% ," says Dr. Ciprian Cocianu, AMP’s veterinarian.