Neuter your pet

AMP offers a FREE neutering service for people with incomes under 1,000 lei per month (supporting documents: pension certificate, payslip, etc.)

Those with higher incomes 1,000 lei / month can benefit for free in terms of workmanship, but must cover part of the costs of medicines and medical materials used, amounting to 50 lei.

All dogs that will be neutered by us will get also a microchip - FREE in our veterinary clinic.

cautare-microcip microcipare

Spaying/neutering advantages

Spaying females:
 - Prevents unwanted pregnancies
 - Prevents the accumulation of pus in the uterus
 - Reduce occurrences of breast cancer

Neutering males:
- Prevents testicular cancer
- Reduces the number of prostate problems and perianal tumors
- Keeps dogs from running away from home when he smells a female in heat, so he’s a better guard for your home.

cautare-microcip microcipare

Veterinarians recommend that no food be given to the animal with 12 – 15 hours before surgery to prevent them from getting sick after anesthesia. It can drink just water.

How long does it take?
Neuter surgery takes only a few minutes. On the average, a male can be neutered in only five minutes, and a female can be spayed in about 15 minutes. The recovery isn’t hard, either. After only a few hours, the dog will be able to move as easy as before surgery.

The biggest myth about spaying and neutering

It’s commonly thought that females must have a series of puppies before they’re sterilized. This myth has been crushed by researchers in the past 10 years. “ Spaying is done before the first heat cycle in females, and neutering is done before the male begins to sexually manifest himself, that is around the age of 6 months. By this age, animals are mature and developed enough. If a female is spayed by this age, the risk of her developing tumors is reduced by 100%. Instead, if she has puppies, even once, the risks increases more than 30% ," says Dr. Ciprian Cocianu, AMP’s veterinarian.